Tricks on Singing and Playing the Guitar


Multitasking is sometimes hard to do because it diverts your attention from one thing to another making it very difficult to concentrate. The tendency is, it is either you won’t be able to do good on one of the things that you are doing or worse, the outcome for both is bad. That is why it is so amazing to watch someone who is singing while playing the guitar at the same time.

Many guitarists struggle with coordinating their vocals and hands. You know how to play the guitar, and you knowilug78 how to sing the song but doing them simultaneously can be hard. It is one of the common problems, especially for beginners. But then again, practice makes it perfect.

Here are some tricks to play the guitar while singing:

1. Blend your strumming and singing rhythms so they sound seamless.
2. Practice with easy songs that you are familiar with, something that you know really well. Do not start with difficult ones because you will only end up getting frustrated.
3. Know the basics of your guitar and be comfortable enough with your strumming in such a way that you no longer need to look at the movements of your fingers. It will allow you to concentrate on the singing part. Rehearse the song on your guitar.
4. Use a metronome for better rhythm and timing. It will be hard at first but eventually, you will get used to it. It will cyttd789help you become a consistent player.
5. Put your guitar down and focus on the song. Make sure that you know the tune and memorize the lyrics. If you can already sing it without any errors, you are ready to sync it up with your guitar.
6. Start humming first with your guitar and then slowly start to sing the song while playing the guitar. Do it slowly. Line by line. Phrase by phrase.
7. Practice over and over. If you encounter a difficult part, try to dissect it just like when you were trying to master playing your guitar.
If music is your passion, you have to be very patient and persistent. Just like any other endeavor, you have to work hard for it. There are also many resources online that you can check to enhance and develop your skills. Try the online guitar lessons and tricks provided by websites like JamPlay and Guitar Tricks.…

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