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Some people are having a hard time looking for a job to help them support their families especially those who lack an educational background as well as work experience. It could be very frustrating because despite all the efforts and time that they devote to searching for jobs, they still end up with nothing. This is just one of the many challenges that job seekers are facing as they compete with other applicants to win a particular job position.

Bryan & Armstrong

gfdgasgfas5Because of the high-demand for employment, a lot of recruitment agencies or firms like Bryan & Armstrong are offering their assistance to all individuals who are aiming to land a job. This company is located in Wenlock, London and they have been providing their services for well over a decade now. In fact, they are rated as one of the leading agencies that are providing health and safety jobs to all interested and qualified parties. If you take a look at their website, you will be able to see the different job openings. You can submit your application for either permanent or part time health and safety jobs. You can also search for a job depending on your location. Check the website to check the job listings as well as the corresponding qualifications.

Search for a job

When you visit the website of Bryan & Armstrong, you will be able to use the different filters that will hasten your job search. Aside from the location and type of employment, you can also indicate the specialization or category that you are interested in. Additionally, you can just type in the specific job title that you are looking for in the search box.

Upload your resume

gfsgfsags5To make it a lot easier to find a suitable employment for you, it is highly recommended that you create your resume on the recruitment agency’s website. Or, if you already have one, you can simply upload it. This will be used by the firm to match your qualifications and credentials to prospect employers who are looking for individuals that will fill up the available positions in their companies.

When creating your resume, it is necessary that you indicate all the relevant information. Include a brief personal background and give more details regarding your educational background and your employment history. As much as possible, provide the description or scope of your previous jobs. This will help the employer determine the experience that you have and it will significantly affect your chances of getting hired.…

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Attributes Of An Excellent Career Website


When looking for a job, most people start online since they know that the web has numerous options. Today, almost all employers use the online platforms to post their job opening because it has many benefits. It is convenient and cost saving to do so. There are many career websites with millions of jobs for job seekers to access. If you won such a website, then you need to consider some factors in order to serve both recruiters and potential applicants well. So, here are the features of the best career website.

Attributes of an excellent career website

Easy and straightforward to post a job

fdgdgdgdfgfdRecruiters are usually busy people and may have numerous errands to take care of. They need a platform which is easy to access and use. Whether paid or free version both should be user-friendly and allow the employers to input all their job requirements. The website should not have too many limitations which compromise on the quality of job applications.

Accessibility to job applications

After applicants have made their applications, the recruiters need to download the applications. Career websites are different and thus will provide varying options for accessing them. However, it is crucial that the accessibility is easy and allow one to get all the details as the applicant submitted. The best sites have different capabilities like filters and screening options to aid the recruiters in sorting out.

Offer a variety of job options for job seekers

Career sites go an extra mile to market their site so that recruiters and employers can post more jobs. The direct beneficiary of such initiative is the job seeker who can scroll through the available jobs and apply for relevant ones. Career sites with a great variety get a high traffic of visitors every day than those with just a few job posting.

Ease of application

fdgdfgdgdgfdgIt can be quite a disappointment trying to apply for a job buy you cannot just because the procedure is too complicated. Some of the best career sites in the world make the procedure simple and shorter. It does not have to be too long to prove the worth of the website. Such a website also avoids too many adverts that can confuse the applicants particularly those directed to other sites.

High traffic helps the career website not only build a reputation but also build the rank high on search in engines like Google and Bing which is a plus to its other online businesses.…

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The Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agent


If you are the Human Resource manager in a company, you have no doubt been through tough times when trying to find the right person for a job vacancy. It is an ironic phenomenon where even though there are people looking for jobs and companies having vacancies, these two parties often don’t connect.

In a situation such as the above, it is best for a company to get in touch with a recruitment firm. Such companies specialize in connecting job seekers with the appropriate companies and, therefore, they will be able to get you a suitable candidate for the vacant position.

Why Use a Recruitment Consultant?gaspoigha986-

The main benefits of using a recruitment company are that it makes your life much easier, and you can concentrate on more pressing matters in your own business.If you need to hire someone and decide to do it by yourself, you will have first to advertise it in the papers and maybe the internet. Then you will get a ton of application where you have to read and go through to find those who are qualified for the position. When you use a recruitment service, all this work is done for you. They, in fact, will have a database of job seekers and may be able to match one of them with your requirement almost immediately. They will even do a pre-screening interview so that they only send you the cream of the crop so that you will not have to waste your time with an applicant who are not qualified or experienced enough to perform the job that you want them to do.

A Recruitment Consultant has access to more applicants

rgcsrlahne987098When a person is looking for a job many will often go a recruitment agency as they feel they will have a better chance of landing a job. Therefore, these recruitment companies will always have a database of job seekers who will fit various positions in various industries. The work they do in compiling this data and applicants makes them the ideal resource for companies looking for staff.

What about the cost?

Normally, a recruitment company will charge the employer a fee for getting them a qualified applicant that the company hires. If not there is no charge until they find a candidate the employer is happy with. The fee is often easily offset by the cost an employer normally would have to bear in advertising, arranging interviews and going through the documents.…

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