Making Your Claims To The ESA


In the UK, disabled persons are protected by the Employment and Support Allowance, ESA. With ESA, disabled or ill persons can receive financial support when they can’t work. Also, you will get individualized help to help you work again if you can.

Anyone that is self-employed, unemployed, or employed, can apply the ESA. If you have been claiming other benefits, like Incapacity Benefit and Income Support, you can be transferred to ESA. With the official UK ESA contact number for general information and advice on Employment and Support allowance, you’ll be sure of getting the right help. You can get in touch with them through

What the ESA claim Entails

Categories of ESA65h4g

ESA is categorized into two types; the contribution-based and the income-based ESA. Each of these types works differently.

The contribution-related ESA

This one would take a year, especially if you were in the work-based activity group. Also, you can re-apply for it, at least, twelve weeks or three months after the contribution-related ESA expires. It is also dedicated to those employees that have enough contributions to the National Insurance. Your re-application will be approved on the basis of two situations. The contribution you paid to the National Insurance in various tax years, and if your health gets worse, and you are in a support group.

Income-based ESA

This type comes individually, or it can be added along with the contribution-related ESA, especially for the low-income earners. If you are not eligible for the contribution-based ESA, you can qualify for the income-based ESA. Also, the benefits you get will be determined by the circumstances.

Claiming for the ESA

The best and most recommended way of applying for the ESA in the UK is by making a call to the telephone number, 0800 005 6688. For the Welsh language, the number is 0800 012 1888. You can call between Monday and Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm.

When making your claim, you will need to have some important information and documents, such as;

  • The National Insurance number
  • Your medical certificate6h54g
  • Landlord and mortgage details
  • The GP’s phone number and address
  • Council tax bill
  • Your mobile and home telephone numbers
  • The address and telephone number of your employer, along with the employment dates, or when you last worked for them
  • Details of your bank account
  • Any other financial aid detail, such as sick pay or benefits

These are the information you will need to fill or provide the ESA with so that you can make your claims. If you have any more queries, you can use the UK ESA contact number for general information and advice on Employment and Support Allowance.…

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