How To Become A Doctor?

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Medical doctors are the physicians who work in hospitals, medical centers or clinics. The job of medical doctors varies depending on their specialty and the work environment. The family doctors, who practice in private, can set their own schedule, while those who are emergency room physicians, often have to work under a highly stressed environment. However, this process of getting a degree from a medical college and becoming a doctor often proves to be quite a challenging task.

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Obtain a bachelor’s degree: Usually the students have to complete a bachelor’s degree program before applying for a medical school. For the undergraduate courses, students can opt for different types of majors, but, they will have to make sure that it includes a significant amount of science studies. However, it is advisable to take biology, pre-med or science related subject as a major, as it will help to prepare for the MCAT or Medical College Admission Test.

Take MCAT: It is essential to take and clear the MCAT, as almost all the US medical colleges take the MCAT scores under consideration during the time of admission. The MCAT test includes subjects like biology, physics, general chemistry and organic chemistry. A student can take this examination up to three times in a single year.

Graduate from Medical School: The students will have to obtain a medical degree such as an M.D. or D.O. from a medical school. It is a four year course, where in the first two years, the students take the foundational coursework, while in the last two years they are sent to various hospital specialty departments, where they gain experience in treating patients under the supervision of the faculty members.

Medical College 02Complete a residency training program: These programs usually last for three to eight years and here students have to choose the programs based on their career interest. Here, residents have to perform tasks like taking a medical history, conducting a physical exam and interpreting lab information.

Obtain license: The students can qualify for licensure, only after earning a degree from an accredited medical college and pass the USMLE. This license needs to be renewed after every couple of years, and thus, one requires to continue his education even after becoming a doctor.

However, if someone is graduating from a medical college and becoming a doctor, he will have to take ECFMG process and then start with the residency program. A person needs to have a passion for medicine and to help and to care for others, to become a good medical doctor.…

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