When Should You Start Potty Train?


When it comes to the ABC’s of potty training most us, don’t know when to start. How do you even know if your little one is ready for this life changing milestone? No jumpstart button automatically transitions your little angle from diapers to using the potty. The potty train is then a process that requires resilience and patience when dealing with toddlers.  The potty training girl age 3 is the most common. Some children may start at an earlier age due to some contributing factors like having old siblings or being trained earlier. Others take a longer time before grasping the act. However, the question remains, when should you start potty train?


Statistically proven age

Mother nature takes a course in your child’s life usually between the ages of two and three. Usually, around eighteen jhjhjhjhmonths your toddler is considered to be emotional and physically ready to face the potty. However, boys tend to take a longer time than girls. At this age, they can communicate with you as whether they feel like going for a dump. Some may imitate other children who are potty trained by removing clothes to pee or poop. Ever wondered why kids at this age enjoy running around naked in the house? They feel uncomfortable with a full-time diaper- a sign that they are ready for a potty train.

Go with their flow

Remember you can’t force your sunshine to use the potty. If so, your child may resist and end up hating the potty instead of embracing it. The best resolution would be to wait till he or she is psychologically ready and stable to use the potty. Meantime encourage the idea of a potty train by either reading bedtime potty train themed stories or being an example. After all, diapers are not forever!

Critical info

jjhjhjhjhvxzqwChildren below two years are still not able to control their pee or poop urges. Their bladder and rectum muscles have not fully matured to allow volunteered deeps. Waiting for your child to be fully ready is then of high importance. Potty training is a lot to ask from a baby. It means that:

  • They are willing to wipe their bottoms on their own.
  • They can communicate easily to inform you when they want to take a dump.
  • They can flush their waste after releasing themselves.
  • They are stable enough to sit on the toilet seat with easy or little assistance.
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Tricks on Singing and Playing the Guitar


Multitasking is sometimes hard to do because it diverts your attention from one thing to another making it very difficult to concentrate. The tendency is, it is either you won’t be able to do good on one of the things that you are doing or worse, the outcome for both is bad. That is why it is so amazing to watch someone who is singing while playing the guitar at the same time.

Many guitarists struggle with coordinating their vocals and hands. You know how to play the guitar, and you knowilug78 how to sing the song but doing them simultaneously can be hard. It is one of the common problems, especially for beginners. But then again, practice makes it perfect.

Here are some tricks to play the guitar while singing:

1. Blend your strumming and singing rhythms so they sound seamless.
2. Practice with easy songs that you are familiar with, something that you know really well. Do not start with difficult ones because you will only end up getting frustrated.
3. Know the basics of your guitar and be comfortable enough with your strumming in such a way that you no longer need to look at the movements of your fingers. It will allow you to concentrate on the singing part. Rehearse the song on your guitar.
4. Use a metronome for better rhythm and timing. It will be hard at first but eventually, you will get used to it. It will cyttd789help you become a consistent player.
5. Put your guitar down and focus on the song. Make sure that you know the tune and memorize the lyrics. If you can already sing it without any errors, you are ready to sync it up with your guitar.
6. Start humming first with your guitar and then slowly start to sing the song while playing the guitar. Do it slowly. Line by line. Phrase by phrase.
7. Practice over and over. If you encounter a difficult part, try to dissect it just like when you were trying to master playing your guitar.
If music is your passion, you have to be very patient and persistent. Just like any other endeavor, you have to work hard for it. There are also many resources online that you can check to enhance and develop your skills. Try the online guitar lessons and tricks provided by websites like JamPlay and Guitar Tricks.…

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How To Become A Doctor?

Medical College 03

Medical doctors are the physicians who work in hospitals, medical centers or clinics. The job of medical doctors varies depending on their specialty and the work environment. The family doctors, who practice in private, can set their own schedule, while those who are emergency room physicians, often have to work under a highly stressed environment. However, this process of getting a degree from a medical college and becoming a doctor often proves to be quite a challenging task.

How to become a medical doctor?Medical College 01

Obtain a bachelor’s degree: Usually the students have to complete a bachelor’s degree program before applying for a medical school. For the undergraduate courses, students can opt for different types of majors, but, they will have to make sure that it includes a significant amount of science studies. However, it is advisable to take biology, pre-med or science related subject as a major, as it will help to prepare for the MCAT or Medical College Admission Test.

Take MCAT: It is essential to take and clear the MCAT, as almost all the US medical colleges take the MCAT scores under consideration during the time of admission. The MCAT test includes subjects like biology, physics, general chemistry and organic chemistry. A student can take this examination up to three times in a single year.

Graduate from Medical School: The students will have to obtain a medical degree such as an M.D. or D.O. from a medical school. It is a four year course, where in the first two years, the students take the foundational coursework, while in the last two years they are sent to various hospital specialty departments, where they gain experience in treating patients under the supervision of the faculty members.

Medical College 02Complete a residency training program: These programs usually last for three to eight years and here students have to choose the programs based on their career interest. Here, residents have to perform tasks like taking a medical history, conducting a physical exam and interpreting lab information.

Obtain license: The students can qualify for licensure, only after earning a degree from an accredited medical college and pass the USMLE. This license needs to be renewed after every couple of years, and thus, one requires to continue his education even after becoming a doctor.

However, if someone is graduating from a medical college and becoming a doctor, he will have to take ECFMG process and then start with the residency program. A person needs to have a passion for medicine and to help and to care for others, to become a good medical doctor.…

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