The French Pronunciation Guide


The spoken French language has got a sweet sound that every individual finds it amazing. Melodic tones which are flowing and pleasant sounds are formed since the words seem to melt together, and as a result, they are intimidating and enchanting concurrently. For the individuals who do not speak, the words strive to copy its romantic-sounding inflections. When a person listens to the actual French people talking, he or she will speak the French language very intimidating.

The following is the ideal guide and tool for an individual to refer to once a week if one is beginning to learn the French language or one requires to brush up on his or her intonation;

General information

The stress

French contains intonation which is flat and a more clear-cut sound. For the last syllable of the French language is not usually stressed and is given a tad bit more of an emphasis.

French vowels pronunciation

mkkbbvxzwqFor the individuals learning the French language for the first time, the difference between a and e can get head-swimmingly frustrating. The fact is that the vowels in French are not very complicated at all. The vowel is pronounced like Ah in English, e vowel is placed at the center of the syllable, is pronounced like ai in fair. When e is seen at the end of the word, it is usually silent, and this is the rule of pronouncing e.


The French consonants are pronounced as their counterparts in English. For the letters l, c, f, and r, the consonants are not pronounced like they are or it is the last letter, of the word. For example in the Paris and passport words, the letters s and t respectively are silent. The memory or mnemonic aid can be employed by a person to support him or her to remember the pronunciation of the letters of the alphabet,

Nasal sounds

hjhjhjhjhhhFor the people who do not speak the French language, they usually describe the French language as being a bit nasal. The French language is characterized by the following; voiced sounds whereby the vocal cords vibrate to produce the sound and the sound is created by blocking the air the mouth, and one releases it through his or her nose. There are four nasal sounds in the French language which are the same as their counterparts in the English language. There is existence of a section of people who speak French cannot make the difference between um and it and are both are pronounced as and similar to sang.…

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Tips on Writing Your Thesis


Studying is the best way to improve your knowledge and prepare yourself for a bright and prosperous future. Students do not only refer to those who are young, but one can be a student at any age as there is no real age limit when it comes to education. If you are a student and are currently in the process of writing your thesis, you will have to ensure it is done correctly and to the right format so that the examiners will give you good marks and you can graduate and receive your degree.

Why do you need help?e5gy5e

Writing a thesis is never an easy or fun task, and everyone wishes they could magically have it done. It takes so much time and effort but if you follow a simple formula that can be found at you will be able to finish your project, and you can also be safe in the knowledge that you have written it in an already approved method.

Tips on writing a perfect thesis

Many people mix up the entire process and sometimes this can be due to the lack of knowledge or the lack of time. However, if you follow some simple rules, you will be able to produce some great work and be proud of it too. Here is what you should do:

Understand the subject

The first thing that you must do is identify and do your best to understand the topic. If you fail to do this, you will end up going around in circles trying to decide where to start.

Do your research and make notes

The next step is to do adequate research and make notes on each area that you want to cover. When you do this, you will be able to have a complete understanding and then it will be easy to put the words on paper.

pih;kn;Plan your paper

Make a plan where you will first start with an introduction, then divide each area of the topic so that you can write it one at a time. In this way, you will not miss any important part, and you do not have to write it all at once too. You must end with a summary or conclusion that gives your opinion on the matter in a simple yet precise way.

Do not try to cram

Many students make the mistake of leaving things for the last minute. Doing so can be disastrous, and your thesis will make no sense to the reader. Take it one step at a time and you will deliver a paper that meets all the requirements of the examiners.…

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Why students buy research papers


Essay writing, Term papers and research proposals among other forms of academic writing have been with us for some time now. However, writing these papers within the stipulated time is quite challenging for many students. This is where the need to buy research papers online comes in. There are some credible websites that always available to help students dealing with strict deadlines or even subjects that might be too technical to deal with this need.swdwWWSDqdwqwd

Modern day curriculum expects students to strike some balance between co-curricular activities and classwork. This does not go well with most students. These services are offered to the public without any restriction to the institutional affiliation. Subscribing or getting this service is easy and straightforward.

What it takes

Placing an Order

To have the research papers done, the customer needs to fill the form provided on the website and describe the assignment the student wanted, its type, the number of pages and when it should be completed. The customer can also share their information about the topic, the writing agency and company can then provide the student with the paper they want. In special instances, you might buy a complete project.

Payment Methods

The amount depends on the type of paper, number of pages, and the technicality of the subject matter. For instance, advanced engineering papers might be relatively expensive than sociology papers. To match the expectations of the students, essay writing websites have a pool of experienced academic writers on various subjects. This way, you are assured that your job will be done professionally and at the right time.

Benefits of Working with Essay Writing Websites

  • Timely delivery: The beauty of working wit thus company is that they provide with the expected completion date. In case, you want it sooner; you can always have it but at an additional cost.
  • Quality papers: From experience, research paper writing websites will be able to provide you with the right paper based on the instructions provided. Moreover, they will also format you paper based on citation style chosen.
  • Confidentiality: With this companies, you will never be charged for plagiarism and other academic irregularities.

Reputed andretgdhyrjtufikuftk legitimate companies have many excellent essay writers who are committed to supplying top quality papers to the students. Besides waiting for help from their fellow students – which can be unreliable at times, these essay writing companies are much better. As such, they should make sure that the companies offered matches their expectations regarding quality ad professionalism.…

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Private Housing – Perfect Student Accommodation


Nowadays, students have several options when it comes to choosing their choice of accommodation. Due to similar nature of property market, most students expect to live in very poor conditions. This explains why many students end up living anywhere with a shower and window.

In fact, house hunting is a big task for students as agents use scare tactics to convince potential tenants.

Starting from university halls of residence to the private housing, you will get many options can accommodate all the budgets.

Therefore, they have a difficult time to make a decision and do not understand a lot about signing contracts. In fact, most end up living in the first property they come across.accommodation and you get many problems of the way, you need to know more about private housing for students.

Private housing

Usually, this option is a bit expensive as complm73y6dt6y3ujd3y38pared to others. However, if you plan and budget well, you will get this a better option that is worth it. In this case, there are three major options: a bedroom in the private house, own private student accommodation, or a bedroom in a hall of residence.

Private halls of residence

Due to a high number of students enrolling in university, the demand for housing is also great. These halls of residence provide similar benefits as the university buildings. However, their contracts last for one year. Moreover, the property is likely to be open to the diverse cultures of people. In fact, you may be sharing accommodation with students from other universities.

Room in private house

You can rent a room in a private house. You are likely to find it more homely as compared to other options. It is a good way of saving money. However, it comes with associated costs. The idea of dealing plm37yd5gy3heujd8j3with a landlord or agent may not have been envisioned in your university years. You can also be provided with meals for an additional cost. When you sign a contract, ensure it states that you are the only one with exclusive access to the bedroom.

Private flat

This is a costly option. However, if you are not happy with other options, you may consider this type of student accommodation. Other than finances, most students find it quite difficult to live alone. You should never underestimate friendships and social aspects.…

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Student Loan Repayment Scams


Today, the government is loaning billions of dollars to help college and university students to finance their education. However, the government continues to pressure the loan beneficiaries to clear their loan.

Because of increased pressure on the students to clear their loans, there have emerged scammers who claim to be in a position to help students clear their loans faster and at reduced interest rate. Others even promise that they can help student eliminate their loans and escape from paying. The fact is that these scammers only aim at getting your money. In this article, I will take you through some of the common student loan repayment scams.

Lawsuit student loan scam

This is a case where a law firm claims to be in a position to settle your j65h4student loan. The law firm will ask you to make a full repayment or whatever amount you can afford to the law it. The law firm then promises to negotiate for loan settlement with your lender. However, it does not make any payment during the negotiation process making you enter into a default on your student loan. What happens is that your credit score is affected despite making thousands of dollars to the law firm.

Loan consolidation scam

After graduating, most students normally want to consolidate their loans into one. During this process, some companies will charge you what they call consolidation fee but they will end up doing nothing. There is no consolidation fee or the processing fee that a student should pay. If you are a beneficially of the federal loan, there are no student loan consolidation charges you should pay. Loan consolidation is an area that is ripe with scams, student need to be aware.

Student loan debt elimination scam

nhtsehrewgThe student loan will have to be repaid whatsoever. There is no way that it can be eliminated unless there are provable and federally qualifying reasons such as school closure, permanent disability, death, identity theft or falsification of documents. Otherwise, without such reasons, there is no way you will escape from paying your college or university loan. Therefore, if you come across a firm that claims to help you get your student loan eliminated or cleared, just know it is a scam. Do not fall for their trick as their intention is to rip money from struggling students. When the deal is too sweet, you better think about it more than twice.

It is easy to detect student loan repayment scams. For instance, if a company asks you to make an upfront payment to get help with your federal student loan, just quit from its deal since it is a scam. Any assistance with your federal loan is offered free of charge. Also, beware of official sounding words such as Federal, National among other words in a private company. Avoid deals with companies that advertise their services on radios, Facebook or as ads on internet search results.…

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